that’s in my heart and I want to go back there

The idea for this public art project was inspired by the complex history of Easterhouse and people’s experience of the area. I met with local people and asked them to tell me about a place that is significant to them. Recorded conversations resulted in a poignant audio installation as people spoke about various places all over the world, imbued with memories of their families and their own experiences.

For the installation, there were four speakers in all corners of a darkened room. Six lights on the floor were placed evenly throughout. Each voice told a story. When one faded out, another one rose gradually from a different place. The lights slowly came on and off in sequence complimenting the rhythm of the sound movement in the space.

That’s in my heart and I want to go back there. Legacy exhibition, Platform, Glasgow, February 2014

Platform installation 3
Platform publication 4-1
Platform installation 1