it looks like a place that does not exist

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Image from a publication that accompanied public art project ‘That’s in my heart’. Easterhouse, Glasgow, February 2014.

Finding the ways of experiencing the place through developing relationships with local people was at the core of my public art project in Easterhouse. This publication is a visual portrait of the people and the area.

Excerpts from the publication

It is a beautiful sunny but cold winter evening outside and I am having a cup of tea at the café. This is my first time here on my own. A girl around eight or nine years old sits on the floor near the exit doors towards the shopping mall and cries. She is dressed in red jacket, red leggings and pink willies with gold stars. She came out of the swimming pool and threw her black drawstring bag on the floor couple of minutes earlier. An older girl, thirteen of fourteen years old, dressed in a baggy black and white leopard costume picks up the bag from the floor and walks out. The girl in red keeps crying and looking towards the door. Shortly after, a man in a dark blue tracksuit walks in with the leopard girl and a younger boy who has that black sports bag on his shoulder. The boy sits on the floor and starts talking to the crying girl. She quiets down and all of them apart from leopard girl come into the café. They buy some crisps and irn-bru. The girl in red and the boy sit at the table two chairs apart and eat. They don’t talk. The man leaves the café and looks at me, passing by as I sit near the exit. I can feel cold air when the doors open and shiver. The man and the girl in leopard costume come back. Now all of them sit together. They talk although they sit quite far apart, one of two empty chairs between each of them. My tea is cold. The man and the kids leave, only empty crisp packets lie on the table.

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All text fragments below are from the conversations with local people.

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